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By Judy Higgins

Photography by Frankie Stallard

Scandal, Mystery, Romance,
and a Family Secret that blows a young woman’s world apart.

“This isn’t a good book; this is a GREAT book!” E.L.

By Judy Higgins

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Cover by Nat Jones, anatsacover.com

Quincy Bruce’s aunt has something to hide. Set in a small South Georgia town during 1956-57, Quincy goes to live with her beloved Aunt Addy when her parents go to Africa as missionaries. Quincy thinks her perfect life is about to begin. Not only is Aunt Addy a marvelous companion with an interesting past, but she is the only person who supports Quincy’s dreams of becoming a musician.
Addy, a war widow, once worked for the famous author, Nathan Waterstone (now dead), typing his manuscripts. When another aunt accuses Addy of having been the inspiration for the adulterous woman in Nathan’s infamous World War II novel, The Lady, Quincy is horrified. She sets out to find out who the real Lady was in order to prove her aunt’s innocence. Instead, she discovers a secret that blows her world apart.

. . . It has been years since I read a novel as good as The Lady. It is by far the best first novel I have had the pleasure and the joy of reading. The writing is lyrical, the story is fresh, the characters beautifully and passionately drawn and the suspense carefully nurtured until the last chapter. I implore you to read it. This is one of those books that I will reread for the enjoyment, and I reread very few books because there are so many of them and so little time. E.L. Amazon Reviewer

“The Lady” is a fine coming-of-age story set in the late 1950’s. The author presents not only a fascinating tale of a World War II era secret, but a tale of manners and ethics that will truly shape the young heroine. . . an interesting read with some compelling answers that will appeal to a cross-section of people in the same way that “The Help” personalized the struggles of black maids in 1960’s Mississippi. ABNA Expert Reviewer

Quincy is an engaging protagonist, part young woman, part immature girl, who is at once trying to forge a future for herself while seeking to uncover hidden details about the past. Racial divides and small-town prejudices add depth to this uniquely crafted novel with expert plotting and effortless pacing. ABNA Publishers’ Weekly Reviewer

Unlike so many other stories, I really enjoyed the ending. The greatest endorsement I can give the novel is that the mystery compelled me to finish the last half of the book in a single evening. I just *had* to know how things would be resolved. Charlotte K., Expert Reviewer

A thoroughly engrossing and suspenseful coming of age story where southern charm is pitted against the undercurrent of a dark secret. C. McM.

Copyright 2017 Judy Higgins
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